Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ok so This time It was my lovely Bears room. Surprisingly he got rid of half a lawn bag worth of stuff. YEs only half LOL. BUT its a great improvement! And well, hes also states he wants the toybox gone. BUT I am holding off on it till he protests a little harder. Ok heres befores


Before closet
Blankets sheets and shoes not very neat

Before underr bed
Under the bed a fav hiding spot

And now.. The afters
His bookshelf neat

After closet
Toys in their right bins( and from above it still dont look neat now Im looking haha)

After bed.. Wait do I see hiders..??

Hes happy for room to play.

Stay tuned for next week.. Mr B's is project for week 4!
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Julie said...

Great job! It is hard to keep up with the toys and all the little things boys collect lol. The room looks great. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job! --- Kid's rooms are the ongoing struggle around here. My boys did get better with age.

The Happy Housewife said...

Great job! Kids' rooms are so hard to keep under control! My boys keep a nice collection of stuff under their bed too!