Tuesday, October 16, 2012

End of a 9 weeks!

Wow, time is flying. Our first 9 weeks of school has passed in a flurry of activity. Seems like we are on the go almost non stop. With the end of a first nine weeks, it also means the holiday season is upon us. Halloween first, we have gotten some stuff decorated, kids are ready for trick or treating. I originally was going to put a stop to Mr B participating in this.. But Im gonna just let him be a kid. Trick or treat as long as possible. Theres plenty of years to be a grown up. After Halloween comes.. Yup my birthday. I get to hit the big 3-5 this year. Its hard to believe that for me. It seems just like a week ago I was turning 21, thinking life was so simple now that I was grown up. And now... Im really grown up, looking for wrinkles, trying to pay the bills, teaching my boys, who I swear should still be in diapers. Theres no way I could have a teen and a kid about to be in the double digits as well. Im still young at heart.. I think.
After my birthday comes that all mighty Thanksgiving. Im still unsure what exactly we are doing for that. Its a toss up.. You know how families are..Right???
Then Bears bday and Christmas. Wow, realizing that this is the first year we will be celebrating holidays ON the holidays. The first year we have heard the words Christmas bonuses.. Or raises.. anything like that. I almost cant wait to celebrate the new year in style. Which honestly means toasting it for real instead of toasting it and knowing the year is gonna suck.

So many things coming up. And for once, Im actually looking forward to it.

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