Monday, November 05, 2012

Rant.. Nahh I dont do that enough...

Yes this is a rant. And all you males take heed because I am officially flying off the handle.
Funny thing is Im not mad anymore, but I feel the need to still scream.
Im normally not one for celebrating anything for myself. Havent really celebrated my birthday in close to 20 years. But this year.. yep this year it was promised to me. I would have my birthday. I will be 35. I really dont have a problem stating my age, but hell.. Its a milestone for me. But, it wasnt to be celebrated. Instead it was turned into me being this horrible person. My feelings were hurt, I was called names. And generally treated like a piece of shit. My whole weekend went this route.

Im not some emotional, selfish, whiney person.. Ok so I want to be today for sure. Ive given up. There comes a time, where you just dont care anymore. Where you feel like you cease to matter. and yep, thats where I am. Of course the words spoken, cant replace the actions of this person who pretty much let me know Im worthless and dont matter. That I dont deserve one fuckin day a year, to not be the housekeeper, cook, taxi.. and the various other things I am 365 days a year. I dont matter. Its only everyone around me that matters, their feelings, their wants, their needs. Im just here to be the whipping post.

So, for all you people out here who decide your significant other isnt worth one god damn day. Let them go. Walk away.

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