Saturday, September 22, 2012

Struggles, Strife, and trying to dig out

I hate that life has been so up and down this past year and a half. More down than up. But was looking up. Papa Bear and I have been doing great. New job, going well. Talking to a new person who is super sweet. Now just waiting to hang out lol. And while all this stuff that is making me happy is happening, My uncle dies.. My home.. is in serious trouble. Due to the past year and a half of hell financially we have struggled and tried. Now that things are looking up.. I get that dreaded letter. And now am struggling to find a way to not lose our home. Im frustrated by the lack of communication from the Papa Bear on the bills. Because I had no idea since he has kept that to himself. And trying to explain we are a TEAM and I feel like Im struggling with that. Im just tired. I want a break. And I hope Im going to hang out with my new friend tonight just to get that. To forget that things are rough. And maybe come back with a clear head. Im still debating our camping trip, because of money. (and possibly weather) So we will see. I need a breather. Or to get drunk. Whatever is easier. lol.

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