Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bullying.. Lets take a stand

This is something that touches my heart personally. I was bullied as a kid for being poor. My kids have been bullied for just being. Now when I was younger you sucked it up for the most part, because most the time if you ignored it... they went away.. Not today. Today, its attack more. And more.. And more.. Until the kids finally break.. My son was one of those kids pushed. I love the fact that more authors, music artists, etc are making a point to say enough is enough..
Today I saw this  Thank you to some awesome authors, who are adding this into their books. I will be honest. I have not read this book. But I will.
Project ELE is on my TBR(to be read) list.
I know many people who have read this blog, have been bullied, and wish they had someone strong enough to stand up for them, when they were not confident enough to do it for themselves. I URGE everyone to know they can stand up for themselves. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Do not let someone tell you that you are not. Dont let someone break your spirit and make you feel that you are no one. Hold your head up high. The bullied far outweigh the bullies. Stand together.

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