Friday, September 28, 2012

I need to have patience....

This past week has been a rough one. I have screamed yelled cried.. You name it I did it. Im ok now. I vented, I conquered.. I am.. ok. Im sure there may be a few.. outbursts. But I feel sooo much better now that I released frustrations I have held onto for longer than I care to think about.
We are getting better at the school stuff. Its been a lil bit of a road getting there. I find I need to pay LOTS more attention..Especially to that 13 year old knowitall Mr B lol. (Dont they all think they do) But we are managing to get there. Slowly, but surely..I need to have patience
I think communication lines are opening more. Which is what has been a problem for awhile, but finally getting to where they need to be. I need to have patience.

So many things in the last week.. Is telling me.. I need to have patience. Let things go, they will work out in their time. Not mine. As much as I wish it was on my time.. its not. And I need to have patience..
I think there is a lesson in all this.. And the main one.. is patience.. How many of us go day to day.. ready to just give in? Or scream? Or just generally angry, upset, depressed.. because things are not going our way in our time?? I don;t know a person who doesnt feel like this alot.. We all need to have patience. And yes that is what Im telling myself everytime my blood pressure starts to rise lol..

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