Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sporting our Team... And schedules...

Bear sporting OU

                                                             Mr B Sporting OU

                                                     Papa Bear sporting OU

                                                  Ahhh yes even I sporting OU
First Game of the season was a bore. As much as I hate to say it.. This may not be a good year if that is how they are going to play. But we still had a fun day :) Partying with the neighbors!!

Schedules.. You know I have struggled and struggled.. And struggled more, to make this.. And after I made it.. I thought of a better way. But this will have to do. Because a month of working on it, I am not changing it.
Very colorful isnt it? Our children are color coded( oh you know you would too) For their whole lives so far, We have color coded them. Bear gets red, Mr B gets Blue. It is what it is. It keeps their stuff separate and keeps me more sane. Now all these papers... Are Monday thru Friday. This shows what classes they are to be in at what time, Break time, Chore time.. Yup I got it all on there lol. No I did not schedule pee time(Papa Bear did ask me that...Smartass)

School is getting better. We are figuring it out, so starting to settle into the routine. Maybe now that I have this all written down I can relax. Because even as full as it looks, seeing it all together makes it not so bad.

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