Thursday, September 06, 2012

Our K12 experience so far

We have now been official K12 for 16 days of school so far, and so far there are good and bad..
The good first, The curriculum is great. Its a lot harder than what my kids would have gotten in the traditional school. It is free. (Yep I love that word) especially if I look back at how much we spent on curriculum when we homeschooled before. The teachers so far have been pleasant and helpful. I love the online classes.(when they work..but thats in the bad.. so moving back into good) There is plenty of support. Most in the form of other learning coaches. I love being able to ask questions and minutes later. I have a answer from a veteran LC or even new ones that have already figured that out. Theres also plenty of resources that are online. We havent made it to any outings, except a meet and great, because none are close by.(again bad.. guess I need to move to that...)

The bad.. The class connects dont work all the time(I can handle this because I have figured out we dont have to be in all of them) But it is frustrating when you want your kiddo in one, and well... its not loading. This is honestly the biggest bad there is. Stuff not loading. Today we got in all morning.. Noon hits and it all goes to hell. Which when you are trying to get it all done before bedtime(Not to mention always seems to be worse on days that Im running on very limited time...)
The only other bad.. is that testing, outings and stuff like that.. are just to damn far away for us. Im not traveling a frikkin hour to go bowling. (And thats the closest) The other ones are 2-4 hours away. REALLY PEOPLE?? Im in the CENTER of this state... And there are tons of us right here as well. Put something in my area. 

Ok now that being said.. I hate Thursdays. Thursday seems to be the day my kids want to test every ounce of my patience before 10am. Maybe I need to move Thursday school to Friday and Friday to Saturday... hmmmmm

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