Sunday, September 02, 2012

Another week down!!

Its a holiday weekend. ANd for the first time in many many years we can say, Papa Bear gets a holiday off!! Wow.. So different. So tomorrow, we are both at home. On a Monday, a holiday.. And I have no idea what to do! HAHA We have already had a busy weekend. Friday we all went to my job, got it done, then went grocery shopping at 2 of the 3 stores I normally shop at. Saturday, it was shop for me a pair of shoes(now that Im out of the brace I REALLY needed them) Then shopping at the last store, running to a friends to get a treadmill (YAY ME!) then liquor store run(yes I do those on occasion). After that was a birthday dinner for a good friend of ours, then to her house to look at a floor she wanted redone, back to the next door neighbors for watching the football game, drinking playing pool and picking on each other..Until around 1:30 this morning. Today I woke up at 7(which REALLY sucks after drinking then not going to bed till around 2am) I refused to get out of bed though for another hour. Went to a arts festival, came home set up treadmill and cleaning house. (Good lord that is a lot!) Im pooped. I wish I could fall asleep right now. I call early bedtime for me!!
Papa Bear is cooking dinner right now. (ahhh I love weekends) Manicotti. Yumm. He hasnt made that in awhile so Im pretty flippin happy! He makes a mean lasagna too! Boys are just playing video games.

I really hope to just be lazy tomorrow. Maybe cookout, hang with some friends. Chill. And then its back to school work On Tuesday, gymnastics, civil air patrol, work.. The daily grind.
We have managed to raise a decent amount of money for bears gymnastics. Putting stuff we no longer need on craigslist etc. I hate fundraisers. So have not even pushed that issue. Supposedly more fundraisers are in the works so we will see. Ya know if they sold blue and gold sausage we would of had the money by now for sure LOL.

School is going relatively well. Im sure everyone knows there are days when you want to put your own self in a mental hospital and get the jacket that hugs you tight..(I have had a few of those.....) Im hanging in there, learning more with the boys, and I think we are doing great(even with the days I wish it were legal to duct tape them to the walls!!)

Im starting my plan to lose weight and get in shape. I brought home the treadmill yesterday and I love it already. Its like one used in gyms. Pretty big and lots of buttons. Best part it was free!! I love free. Free makes me happy. But I am not happy with the weight I have gained in the last year or 2. Its not a lot, but it keeps my clothes from fitting. And I refuse to buy anything larger than my size 14s. I refuse to wear the form fitting shirts right now because.. well I do not want to be asked if Im prego. I might get mean lol. So Im gonna get that goal set. I can hope by the time its time to put on my jeans again. They will fit me perfectly..(and I do mean hope) fingers are crossed. And my butt will spend as long as I can on the treadmill. And I really need to go back to drinking more water. These past couple weeks its been coffee tea and soda. Not to pleased with myself. So my butt will be working hard!! (wish me luck lol)

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