Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Route 66 fun

Heres the follow up Saturday post! We had fun going down Route 66(Ok we didnt go THAT far down it lol) But we decided to try out a couple places. One being Anns Chicken Fry. Saw it on TV one day awhile back and was like hmmm.. I reallly wanna go. I do love chicken fried steak! So that was our first stop of Route 66. Then it was onto Pops. Now, if you havent been to Pops.. You are missing out(this was all byt Mr Bs first trip there, this makes 3 for him) They have every soda known, plus probably some unknowns. Keep in mind these sodas are over 2 bucks a piece..After tax...12 sodas will cost you right about 28 bucks(For my cheap self I was not amused at swiping my card for that) Some of the sodas taste like ass. Lil Bear got one called Brain Wash....If you see it. RUN! Its VERY BLUE. So blue it stains the bottle. I thought it tasted awful.  It took him 2 days to drink it. Mainly because I looked at the ingredients.. and was like uhh... please do not drink all that in one shot lol. I swear it had a alka seltzer taste lol. But look at the pictures.. You will see him with a mouth so blue its almost black...
After our trip to Pops, we drove by the round barn. This barn is supposed to be some historical thing. And for the life of me I cant remember why. It closed at 5 so we couldnt get in. I guess I could google it. I only know it was on the news over some problem with someone putting a huge billboard next to it...That billboard has since been moved lol. Ok now for the pictures...(then look allll the way at the bottom for a awesome cake I made!) 

NOW--- I made a cake for my neighbor, and his sis in laws bdays that happened in the last 9 days. Its...a lot of chocolate... But oh soo yum. Someone on FB has shown a pic of one and I just HAD to make it. So heres my attempt... Front and side... Loads of chocolate,  Sorry for picture quality.. 

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