Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday AGAIN???

Yes it is. I did not want to wake up. Mondays hurt my head. And I don't even sleep in on the weekends!! I think its because I know there is a lot to do, so I don't want to get up and face it. Mr B first class starts at 8:30.  Hes got a few to log into today. Of course since most of his stuff is online, he will be in more than the bear.
Last week sucked.. I mean SUCKED. Saturday wasn't looking so great either. Come Sunday though. I was able to enjoy most of the day. Hubs and I don't do much together(yes I know we SHOULD) But we hardly ever find the time. Neighbors bought a pool table and so we spent most the evening over there. Drinking, playing pool, and eating dinner. Papa Bear and I played on the same team of course lol. And we won a couple( by default) and then lost. But what was great was playing. And playing together. Which we need to do more often. Especially on the same team. That is important. And it made us super relaxed. It was nice to actually do something that didnt involve running around like crazy for kids. :)
Joker is still upsetting me. Im getting sick of being ignored. I mean what is so hard about saying.. Hey after 20 years I dont want to talk to you.. Or ya know.. Im done being your friend. Or HEY Im just having a bad week and needed space???? Because I still sit here in the unknown.. And that sucks.

Ok well off to do school with the boys. :D Have a awesome day!

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