Thursday, August 23, 2012

They are not all good days.

After reading someone elses blog touching on this subject.. After today I felt I needed to say my piece. And some of it is just like it(Now I dont know this person or have permission to post.. soooo sorry)

I have heard stuff from others about how crazy we are to homeschool. Or how the couldnt stand being around their kids all day.. Or well the public school is good enough for mine... Ok here we go.

There are MANY days I feel crazy for homeschooling. Im like am I doing the right thing?? What the hell is wrong with me?? And then you get a a-ha moment...And the kids get a a-ha moment. They learn something new. And they did it by themselves. They accomplished something. Now this is not to say that getting to that accomplishments..Is a walk in the park.. which goes onto... yep me.. I have no patience when it comes to certain things. Take today..(THis is my walk in a very rough part of a god awful neighborhood park)

Today was a day from hell. (ok so most of this week has been that way) Mr B decided to start it right outta the bed. Keep in mind he is 13.. (and my patience with a certain teen right now.. are VERY limited) He didnt get his way so he didnt want to do anything asked. And for the next 4 frikkin hours it was argue and fuss and  get pissy everytime something was said to him(PMS maybe??) Ok.. 4 hours into this my extreeeemmmeeely limited patience has snapped. Send that one to his room to sit on his bed to reflect. No theres no need to beat the child even if you REALLY want to.(yes you may want to but I promise its not necessary) Reflect till DAD comes home heehee(yes this one is in my favor) because at 13.. they are handed over to daddy(Im sure I posted this before)  And daddy is NOT a happy camper.. Daddy just has to get a little red faced and its snap to attention I will do my work. So Mr B.. after a awful day finally finished his school around 9:30 tonight. But he finished it. And I bet he wont act like that tomorrow. And earlier this week it was the bear that was the center of frustration because he didnt want to write. And yes that was a major ordeal. But he finally sucked it up.

I share this awful day with you because if my kids were in public school I would have this same frustration with homework(and did while they were there) I deal with the same stuff. To my family the public school just wasnt working. And yes holy cow I want to throw them back in somedays just for some peace. I can honestly say I have only met a couple parents who dont have this kind of frustration(and yes I have asked for what pills they were taking because I wanted them) I dont have the patience of a saint. There are days I wanna say screw it all. But then I think ya know.. this really isnt so different. Kids like to push buttons. They like to do it a lot. I dont care if your kid is 2 or 18. Public school,Private School or homeschooled. Boy or girl. Christian or not. THEY WILL push your buttons. They like to see what color red your face will turn in anger. But they also like it when you praise them. And sometimes if you do more praising.. A lot of the buttons stop being pushed. (for at least a week)

And yes.. I am ready for Friday to be over and I will grab my beer and soak in a bubble bath until the water is ice cold.. Just to celebrate I made it a whole week. And so did the kids. And ya know what. Maybe next week I wont even need the bubble bath.....

Tomorrow I will post the good stuff :D

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