Thursday, June 28, 2012

I need a makeover

Ok, so I am one of those uber super low maintenance people. As far from girly girl as possible. If its not throwing the hair up in a pony tail. I am clueless. To add on I slap on a tiny amount of make up and HOPE for the best. Clothes you say??? umm Im a fan of T-shirts. Never plain ones. Bands, smarty pants sayings.. shorts, jeans.. Yep that is me. Im so plain its not even funny. I look in the mirror every day and wonder what the hell is wrong with me. A girl with no sense of girlyness. Im so tomboy. So I need a makeover. I am scouring the internet looking for tips for a person like me. The girl challenged. (That is sooo pathetic sounding) I have submerged myself in mommy housewife mode for so long, I forget what its like to feel good about me. Or how to even look good. I swear I spend more days looking like I jumped outta bed and threw on whatever was laying on the floor(which I probably did.. sigh) Threw the hair in a pony(because its sooo much easier when you're just gonna be at home right??) and go. Well these days, add on putting this medicine on the foot and getting the brace back on, Im sure I have mentioned how annoying this part of my morning is.....
So anyway. I need to do something for me. Im sick of feeling like a overworked maid. Ok more of looking like one. I cant add the cutsie shoes because..well yeah this stupid brace!! So it has to be clothes I can wear with my ugly getting stretched out from the brace trusty tennis shoes. And having absolutely no fashion sense... We will see what kinda odd combinations I can come up with LOL. Starting tomorrow..(cuz Im already in my machine head tshirt shorts and shoes...) Im gonna start taking a few extra minutes to make up myself. Hell I may even brush this hair!! LOL good luck to me..........(Im def gonna need it..)

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