Monday, June 25, 2012

Sit still?? never

Just when I think I will sit still. I get busier. I managed over this weekend to get a menu made out, which took days to make, Nothing sounded good. I am so worn out on certain meals that I just could not get that menu made. But finally, managed. And got the grocery shopping done. Of course going OVER budget. sigh. After that got the garage sorta cleaned up. Clovis the attack cat has been acting sick and it was freaking me out. Shes 15 years old. I dont expect her to live forever, but sheesh.. She was vomiting. A lot. (ok so clovis is a vomiter anyways but this was excessive) And shes was acting very very odd. Shes feral(Ok the older she gets the more we can call her somewhat domesticated.....Somewhat....) and she wanted attention constantly. Which is def not normal. Plus shedding like no tomorrow(way more than she ever has in previous years) So while at the store we realized.... We need to buy old cat food. Not just the regular outdoor stuff. She needs old lady stuff lol. Got her more hair ball treatment stuff. (which may be why she felt like crap) After giving her the hairball stuff for 4 days, and the senior food. Shes acting a lot better.  We can hope it stays that way.
My ankle is still in the brace(ok so it isnt at this exact moment...Im just sitting geez!!)I wont say its getting better. Or worse. Still got 2 weeks and a few days left in this thing. And not time to just sit and rest it.
The boys are doing ok. Driving me nuts. Mr B is in that preteen crap that is really starting to get on my nerves. Attitude... uggg..And of course the bear doesnt like it so... he gets a attitude lol. Im gonna work their tails off!!
Im trying to clean the fire out of this house. Did really good. But now its about time to declutter and maybe do a garage sale again. Need to come up with a LOT more to do that though(And its freaking 100 plus degrees out here right now UG!!)
Busy week ahead. Gymnastics CAP and work. Among other stuff.Got my fingers crossed once again for papa bear. Soon I hope to scream out the news (and no I am not prego.. wash your mouth out!!) If that happened it would be a damn miracle. Or I gots me a boyfriend lolol. (and on that note......)lolololl

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