Monday, July 02, 2012

Its days like these

that make me wanna scream. I woke up super early(and didnt HAVE to be up but couldnt go back to sleep) with a sore throat. Plus Im irritated with the male members of the house who showed lots of disrespect for me this weekend. And I wanted a nap. Now... the past has proven a nap for mom is just not happening. Papa Bear is home today and for some dumb reason I thought to try it. So I take my booty to bed. And start dozin off.. when lil bear runs down the hall. hmmm ok.. so you wonder what hes up to.. And then he runs back down.. ok well hes back to bein papa bears problem.. Lets try this again....relax..relax... FINALLY start dozing off again.. and kids talk loudly.. arrgg(yes Im getting irritated by now) and I pull pillow and blanket over my head.. Ahhh quiet.. lets try this again.. zzzzzz and Im jolted awake once more by Mr B.. yelling HEY LIL BEAR(ok so he doesnt say lil bear but you got the point) EXPLOSION BOOOSHHHHSHSSHHHOOOOSSHHHH BOOOOOMMMMM LOOOK BOOOOM!!! YEAH!! Ok Now I frikkin give up and am seriously contemplating  getting rid of a damn video game system. And while Im laying there stewing.. I laugh.. and I dont feel so alone because I remember reading a blog post that sounded almost like my nap time here Crappy Pictures and I know many people who have read my blog and who know me, we have discussed this blog over and over. Because its so damn funny. And truthful lol. I had to go search that blog post up just to not feel alone in my extremely frustrating moment.

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