Thursday, April 26, 2012

2 weeks!!

Today marks 2 weeks since lil bears surgery. It does not feel like its been 2 weeks. Today any stitches left are being removed. He already went back to gymnastics on Tuesday. I let him do whatever he felt he could do.
Mr B is ready for the last 19 days of school to be over lol.. Hes ready to sleep in.
We are hoping for some major changes around here. Like a new job for papa bear. Its time to move on. over 9 years at this place and every year that goes by with no raises or in the case of the last 2.. only 2% ones...Well its killing us financially. With prices of gas and food that have gone WAY up over the past few years, we are getting further and further behind. Its getting harder every month to budget when theres nothing left. If he gets this job, it does mean longer hours, but its also a HUGE step up money wise. It would mean being able to get caught up and possibly be debt free except the house in 5 years. It would mean actually being able to take kids to the movies. Or out to eat. It would mean being able to pay for the activities they need to do. Bear might possibly be competing in gymnastics soon...And that means the price goes WAY up. And Mr B has encampment I cant afford right now, plus many other things for his civil air patrol. Bear want to also do track. And maybe basketball. I hate not being able to let them do these things. We are reallly hoping for this. So keep the fingers crossed for us as we hope for these changes to happen soon!
Now today is a busy one so I guess I better get started. Getting closer to the end of school so lots of activities with the lil bear. Party today, field trip next week, park day, awards.... Not much work going on for him. Mr B is getting ready for a band concert coming up. And who knows what else lol. My calendar is crazy. Hope all my(ok the few who really read this) have a wonderful day!

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