Saturday, April 14, 2012

A case of the VAPORS!!

Lil Bear had surgery on Thursday to remedy what happened at the ER a month and a half ago. For those who have no idea what Im talking about and maybe I didn't elaborate.. Lil bear was circumcised at age 9 years after the ER misdiagnosed and did a forced retraction resulting in injury.. Well he has been in a lot of pain for these 3 days. Last night was horrible. He cried almost all afternoon and evening. All this on top of tornado weather and me knowing I cant get him in a cellar because he cant walk... and having a 12 year old who has anxiety in storms. My mental status was pretty frayed.. Keep in mind Papa Bear is working a 2nd job so he was gone.. and same goes for today.. So he gets up this morning and was ok for about 15 min. then the pain set in again. Got him to potty and he noticed blood. So calls go into the surgeons office and they give me instructions of wrap it in gauze, and only give Tylenol..Ummm doesnt everyone know Tylenol SUCKS! Got him brekkie, gave the sucky meds. and about 1130 he needs to potty again. So get the potty over, start to redress the wound.. and lil bear starts talking about how hot he feels.
And then looks at me and says mom...I dont feel so well, and his eyes roll back in his head and down he goes. I catch him before he hits the floor and it looks like he is having a seizure. Not real jerky but still twitchy. Insert mom heart stop here..So sitting in the bathroom floor holding my 9 year old who is out cold he finally comes too and is very...not there. then he starts to dry heave. I yell for Mr B to get me the phone and I call 911. I shook so hard it took me 3 times to dial it out. They get people sent this way and I cradle carry bear to the couch and hes still confused. (Yes I pulled up his undies as quick and gentle  as I could.. )And then proceed to TRY to call Papa bear.. over and over and over. He had no signal. I sent a text telling him bear had a seizure and about to go to hospital. Guess a few min later he finally walked to a area where a signal put through the message and all the missed calls. (Insert papa heart stop here) Papa calls and I try to explain at same time paramedics asking questions and neighbor getting Mr B. They finally decided which hospital to go to(the one the surgery was done at or the kids one) Kids one won out. So off we went. Papa Bear beat us there since he was really only a few blocks away. Bear was doing good by this time. We spent a few hours in the hospital where they treated him like a prince. Gave him whatever he wanted and gave him REAL pain meds.

Soo.. heres where I say what happened...Since he was only given a very sucky pain med.. His body couldnt fight the he fainted. Scared the shit out of me. I do not ever want to see my kids eyes roll back in their heads. I dont want to watch my kid crumple to a floor.. I do not want to ever have to call 911 again.. Just writing this is making the tears I couldnt let fall at the time, come. Hes better tonight.. But hes on some good meds(and well all those who know me KNOW I dont like giving meds unless necessary. And well this is. I hope tomorrow is better. He needs a break! (and so do we)

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