Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Better Bear

Well our lil bear is doing much better today. He did go to school on Monday, but it was only for a hour. They have state testing going on and he did NOT want to miss it.( I wonder if he really is my kid LOL) Tuesday he made it 3 hours. Today he made it all but 2 hours. But he hasnt wanted the REAL pain meds since Sunday night, and last Ibuprofen was on Monday morning. Seems that getting the real meds in him, and him able to rest and relax helped a ton. I do think Papa Bear and I are hitting the end of our energy though. Been running on empty for days. Im tired. And I really think I twisted wrong when I had to catch bear. So my hip and back have been hurting like crazy.
And since it has been sooo crazy this past week with surgery, severe weather, trip in a ambulance, Papa Bear stressing.....The house hasnt been getting picked up(and bear has aided in the mess immensely!) Hoping from now on he can WALK his trash to my trash can instead of just dropping it where he sits...But I did have some time today to clean up a little. Which made lil bear happy because I did laundry....He got hospital pants and has lived in them..But all 3 pairs were dirty lol. And he wasnt happy. But now hes all comfy and cozy in the now clean pants lol.
Back to cleaning I go. I wont get everything done today.. But a dent has been made

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