Thursday, December 08, 2011

Still stuck

Ahhh one day when this year is over maybe just maybe I wont feel so whiny. So..sad...let down.. sheesh find a depressing word and throw it in the pile.
Joker bear decided to stop talking to me for awhile..If not for forever heck if I know. Its ok. Time I moved past that. I miss him. And he will always have a place in my heart but I cant control how he feels etc.
Papa bear and I talk more. I still feel the strain almost daily. I think most is coming from my end because Im holding myself so guarded I cant let go.. Lil Bear has been a punk lately and wearing down on my patience. Mr B is working hard but issues have been coming to my attention this week which are starting to piss me off. I hate sticking up for my kids to be made to look like a fool because my kid omits a large chunk of the story. SO I guess its sit down and discuss moment when he gets out of school. It hurts to be sooo proud of someone one minute to have that bubble burst quickly.
Other than that Im taking it one day at a time. Mr B has his first band concert tonight. Lil Bears gymnastics mini meet is in a couple weeks and we are going to plan to have his bday party after. Almost done packing Mr B up for boot camp. And I hope he comes back with more confidence and self respect than hes leaving with.
Trying to figure out the grocery list and menu. Trying to go as cheap as possible. No choice lol. Uggg PLEASE let the new year bring something good!! I really think so many years of struggling we have earned it..Ok I can hope

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