Saturday, November 26, 2011

Living Life

I think somedays my brain is fried and everything amuses me. My lil bear today is just mouthy as all get out. And for some reason I just cant stop giggling at him. And hes being a jerk which is the sad part. I must be fried! But I just got permission from the punk monkey that we can do whatever I want LOL. Hmmm I think he might believe that things should ALWAYS be on his terms.. So glad today he sees it my way......O my I still cant stop laughing at him.
Mr. B has a lazy week this week. No CAP because its a 5 week month :D They only go first 4 weeks. So at least thats one thing I dont have to do this week.
Lil Bear has to have a sleep study on the 4th of Dec. Im glad they are finally getting to it and getting it done. Maybe soon he will sleep better and not be such a bear LOL. We will see. That week is going to be insane for me. Sleep study, then doc appt for lil bear dentist for both band concert and something about a honor dinner for vets that Mr B has to do. Christmas coming up and I swear I have no idea how im gonna get all done that I need to.
Thanksgiving....I guess I can put that crazy story out here. Even though it may hurt feelings because I was not a happy camper to begin with.
Night before Thanksgiving I talked to the friend we norm have holidays with. And find out shes not going to be able to do it.. Yup 7pm the day before. Sentimental lil bear went to bawling when I told him. Of course the food is all he talked about all week. He LOOOOVES Thanksgiving dinner. So scrambling to find alternate plan because Papa Bear was actually home on that day and so help us all we were going to celebrate it ON that day. Ahhh my In laws saved the day. Thank goodness for the first year they were actually doing it. So changed around some plans and spent the day with my mom, sis and bro in laws. Plus.....THE BABIES!!! Ahhh I swear I love playing with the twins. Well when I could steal them from my boys. They spent all day giving attention to the twinies. Switching off every so often so they could have equal time with them. The only downer on it, I miss having a baby in the house. I mean lil Bear will be 9 in a few weeks. Its been a long time since I have had a baby. lol. But damnit I miss them. The cute smiles, the smell of their skin, the learning to crawl...Feeding them and getting peaches all over their faves LOL. Heck I dont even mind the changing of the diapers. Never did. I know I wont ever have anymore so I can just live on everyone elses babies.
Ok now off to plan my day..Or lack of. I may just sit here and be lazy all day :D

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