Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I think I must have gotten some sleep last night. I feel so much better today. A lil more positive. Things are still not how I want them. But I will deal with it. Maybe one day when society changes its attitude about certain things then things can go back to the way they were. Before life got sad.
Anyway.. Lil Bear is doing wonderful in his gymnastics. He will probably start competing in August next year. Im trying to save money to pay for all these things. Little bits at a time. Hopefully I can get a second account set aside JUST for lil bear and Mr B and their activities. Trying to find a way to make more money(arent we all lol) so that I have more to put back for these things. His uniform and meets arent cheap. And then Mr B and his CAP stuff keeps us on our toes. Hoping with tax money I can put a good chunk back and add to it very month so there will always be something available when something is sprung on us LOL. On top of getting a reliable vehicle since I will be probably driving to meets in multiple states and cities. (believe me Im worried about my driving haha)
Papa bear is going on vacation..(yes I did say that) Its been a long wait for him to have time off. I think we all need a break but Im not going to take off work. I dont get paid vacay. so Im stuck. Good thing my work is pretty quick..for now. Im thinking I need to get a fulltime job soon. Since his job is determined not to give a decent raise that helps people live. Im going to start looking forward to next year and hope things turn out better than they have been in the last couple years. I need a break.

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