Thursday, November 03, 2011

Holiday Seasons..

Halloween my birthday BIL bday Thanksgiving, lil bears bday, Christmas, Not to mention those who have passed ons bdays. Hubs dad and my dads bdays are the 2 days before bears. So many things lol. I normally dont celebrate my birthday. There might be a happy bday mentioned, but other than that...Its always just a day. I have been bummed lately because for some reason I actually wanted to...And well looks like it will be another passed up year. Happy 34 to me in a couple days....
Anyway enough of that bummed crap. Im actually excited for Thanksgiving. We might actually have it on the ACTUAL day!! lol We havent celebrated it on the actual day in so many years I could have swore it was moved to Saturday! Cant believe how fast its approaching. Besides that Im also planning lil bears bday.. Its the first party he has had in awhile. He hated parties. IM HOPING this year when he has one.. He wont be a punk. He hates all the attention so he would start acting like a jerk after a few. 
WIth all the plans going on for major things, we are also planning for this weekend. Mr B is heading to the gun range(ACCKKKKK EEEEEKKKKK) umm yeah.. Im panic attack central! lololol His first time shooting guns...And 2 that he will be shooting are MILITARY ones! (Come Sunday afternoon I will be a basket of nerves waiting on him to return home)  He has to be up there at 06:15am ....(umm Im staying in the bed lol..)Still have a few things to buy for this as well as his Boot camp hes got coming up the day after Christmas. Not a whole lot.. But plenty to keep me busy planning it up till DAY OF! But this should be able to hold him even to the next encampment. The biggest expenses are always the start ups. 

Ok Now I MUST go get this house cleaned up so that MAYBE I can start decorating for Thanksgiving. :)

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