Friday, October 28, 2011


The hubs hours are returning to normal!! Today is the last 12 hour day. He does have to go in for a few hours tomorrow but after that.. Its time to get our lives back lol. I have honestly missed papa bear. Even though we have been to stressed out. And running on empty. We have a lot to focus on in the coming months. Besides just us in general. Mr B is spending my bday weekend gone shooting rifles and shotguns(part of getting his marksmanship badges. Bear is just taking his gymnastics one day at a time lol. Im hoping to have him going twice a week soon so that he can be prepared for pre team. 
I have also missed my joker bear. Havent seen him in months even if we talk daily. Life has been soooo busy. We hope starting this next week that we can start getting things taken care of. And I wont feel so overwhelmed. Im pretty proud of what I have managed. I hold a high respect for single moms. Or military wives(ummm moms lol) It hasnt been easy. Feeling like Im all on my own. But I havent gone bald. Neither have the kids.(and they are both still breathing and wearing.....mostly matching clothes) ROFL! Noone has starved. Im not even going to claim that the house has been clean.. Cuz it has only been actually clean a few times. the rest of the time its had that lived in look. Not toooooo bad. 
Whew.. next week its going to start decompressing. I cant wait!

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