Sunday, October 16, 2011

A light at the end????

I am almost hesitant to blog about this, but dang it Im just so freaking excited....and scared.
After many many months of hubs working anywhere from 4-6 twelve hour days a week...Its almost over. Like a week away from over. This weekend may be the last he works. Hoping for our Monday-Friday again. Im extremely happy about this. but also scared. Its a lot of overtime money to lose after having it for so long. Trying to decide how we are going to work it out. Theres only a few options. We can hope he gets a raise to match what he was making...(umm not holding my breath here) I can find a full time job and quit my part time(that would equal his OT plus my lil PT) Or we can pretty much live on very very little. Me going to work FT has been discussed and turned down a lot over the past few years. I know some may be able to work not seeing their spouse...But well we did that for years and it was so stressful and caused lots of problems. And it would be a opposite shifts thing again if I did it.
Sucks to think about being happy to see the hubs for more than 30 min a day...And then be stressed that when that happens money goes WAY down. Conflicting emotions are a killer lol.

Kids are doing well. They suggested moving lil bear to A pre team in gymnastics....Right now I dont even wanna think bout it since it will cost a lot more. Plus I really dont think hes ready. After talking to him he even thinks hes not ready for competing.
Mr B has so much going on I can keep it straight lol. Yesterday he was working a aviation festival.
He was worn out at the end lol. And sunburned. Blistered heels lol.
He worked from 8am-4pm. I was super proud :D . Next weekend hes got a search and rescue exercises. Spending the weekend learning.
Im excited to be getting closer to the end of the year. Next year come tax time I am getting another vehicle. Its been super stressful not having a reliable one and having to put lots of wear on our main one. Yesterday I spent many many hours in that car. Had to take hubs to work so that I could take Mr B to his thing and it was a lot of back and forth. A lot of gas used lol. I was more worn out from driving than anything. Well that and all of us having to get up at 530 in the morning to start the running. :)
Im hoping the light at the end will truly be a light. We need a break.

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