Friday, September 23, 2011

Wow. Proud mama here

These past couple months have taken a turn for insane crazy busy non stop running pull your hair out.........BUT.... its all worth it.
Mr B became a cadet for the civil air patrol. Yes he is a youngun but he wanted to join as soon as he turned 12(minimum age) Since going into the CAP he has already begun to change. Hes more respectful. More responsible. More...grown up..(sappy tears here) He will be doing much much more as the weeks go on. But heres a lil bit of picture updating..
Mr B went on his first flight. Not just his first flight EVER(never been in a plane that left the ground before..) He also FLEW the plane, Was a nerve-racking day for the mom here who is scared of planes lol. I DID NOT go to see him off for the first flight LOL.

This is my Mr B as he was promoted to cadet airman! Such a proud mama moment that he received his first promotion so soon after joining!!

Ahhhh excuse the effects of the photo :) He was doing handstand after headstand after headstand having me use different effects and this was his fav one :D My another proud mama moment..He was promoted to advanced boys gymnastics. Sooo proud...

On top of all this being promoted they both have shown such maturity with things lately. Mr B has been a awesome big brother lately. When bear needs help he doesnt even have to ask. Mr B sees it and goes to help.. Tying shoes getting something from a shelf...he just helps. He offers to do chores. Hes been keeping up with his responsibilities...Hes communicating with us about things that most kids would just keep to himself. Its just been amazing how well hes been. Add that to tonight he went to a friends house. And tells me he will be home by 6. And calls me at 5:45 to tell me he was going to be late because the party he was at was not over. But ONLY if its ok with me. WOW.. talk about amazed. 15 min before being late getting a phone call.. and then asking me if I was ok with it!! Heck yeah buddy! For the simple fact was most kids DONT think to call and tell mom or dad they will be late!

Bear has also shown that he knows he can talk to us about things. He came to us the other day about something he thought wasnt right. Some kid was being completely inappropriate about lil girls..And Bear came straight to us and told us, even though he was embarrassed to say it all. But it was how he said it all after. He let us know how bad he thought it was. That you should never talk about things like that because its rude to girls and no one should talk about people like that. I was pretty proud of him being big enough to make that kinda decision and the insight from the incident.

SO many proud mommy moments. Going to hug my bugs and remind them how proud I am.

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