Sunday, July 31, 2011

When its up its up

Been a full week. Some good some just blah. Seems like I said before just when we hope for Papa Bears work hours to change they delay some more. But we will deal Im sure.
Realized we have not many days left till school starts which means my next weekend is filled with getting school supplies(yeah Im a LIL late.......) Normally start earlier buying them but well time and funds limited lol. Since we did manage to get Mr Bs clarinet Im happy.. The biggest thing we had to have. Kids are excited to start..for the most part. Since the summers been so freakin hot and miserable, we have spent most of it cooped up in the house. They are ready to be anywhere but in the house.
Now we can only hope the street construction will be done by then...ggrrrrrrr Im sick of driving around town just to get a couple blocks away.
Went out with a friend last night and had a blast. Glad that every now and then even I take a break and get out. Was only bummed that Papa Bear didnt get to join me :D But heck after a 12 hour work day, and then no babysitter.. well I went alone but it was all good. :D Maybe next time.

Well this week will bring many more things. Lots of appointments and errands. Plus work and getting kids ready to begin school. Getting good at giving Mr B his shots. First Civil Air Patrol meeting for Mr B Tuesday at same time as gymnastics.. talking about making a clusterf**k(ooo I censored!!) Drive to gymnastics drop off bear run hubs and Mr B to CAP drive back to gymnastics take bear to work with me then run to pick up ups and Mr B. Gonna make for a very insane Tues. After hubs work hours go back to norm.. I might change bears gymnastics back to Thursdays just to not feel insane. If we had 2 reliable vehicles instead of 1...It would be different. LOL. And honestly unsure if we will be sitting at the CAP meetings or just dropping off Mr B. Getting his hair cut Tues so that he is taken a lil more seriously.. Which SUCKS when you look at it. Hes worked hard growing that hair out! sigh.. lol Rambling over and out...

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