Friday, July 29, 2011

Maybe a end??

I guess we can hope. In about 10 days the crazy work schedule SHOULD be over... Sucks that we really cant count on that. Seems we have been told a different thing every time they turn around. BLAH will hope.. and hope some more until it finally happens.
Shots going good on Mr B. I give them at home now. Papa Bear has given them on days hes home. Glad that I can say Im getting more comfortable with it.

On other notes we just celebrated Mr Bs 12th bday. Thats a hard one for me. Honestly it puts him into the area of hes not my little boy anymore. Hes my pre teen..Hes really going into Jr High.. Holy crap I feel old. Monday I have to take him to get a hair cut... Because this......

long hair...Has to go. I wont say either of us are pleased with that fact lol. BUT Tuesday hes going to a civil air patrol meeting..Something hes waited years to see the age of 12 to join. So he kinda... needs a haircut. And as upset as he was about waiting just one more week so we could get him presentable.. He understood. He wants to be taken seriously. BTW that pic was taken when we were clenebrating his bday :D
Its been a long couple weeks but things will look up.
Met a few people Made some new friends. So happy bout that. :)  Who knows what life will bring next.

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