Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And the weeks get longer

Sometimes I swear a single day can feel like a week. Especially with the heat we have been dealing with. Its staying over 100 during the day. Mostly hitting around 104. You cant go outside because its stifling. Heat drains every ounce of energy. And I have way to much cleaning to do to be drained lol.
Havent seen J in awhile. Gas prices shot up again and makes driving down the street expensive. And to drive a hour. well sheesh its a lot. Plus schedules are still insane. Mr B shots put off till tomorrow because of a mistake doctors office made in schedules. He was supposed to have it Monday. Also finally found out the instrument he will be playing in Jr high.. Starting with a clarinet. That possibly he will move to sax after a couple years. Kinda cool cuz thats what his dad and I both started on. Also have to look up CAP stuff for him because my baby turns 12 in just a couple weeks!!!!
Lil Bear is getting ready for the next year of gymnastics. Still being a lil bear most the time. Not to much going on with him :D Which is a good thing because of all the other stuff going on.
Alrighty back to the grindstone for me!

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