Thursday, July 07, 2011

Doctors appointments fun time errands galore...

Wow.. So the week started off with a bang. J car breaks down so he missed out on 4th of July fun. I didnt get paid on time which screwed up plans, Mr B had doc appt. last week which they decided to allergy test him since the kid has suffered for many years with insane allergies. Got that done Tuesday and found he has multiple allergies to mainly grasses and molds, but also cow and horse dander etc. lol. Now starting Monday he will be undergoing every other day injections to build up a immunity to these problems. Especially since one of the grasses we have right behind the house that causes him some fits lol.
The heat is killin us all. Been over 100 degrees for 17 days or more straight. And shows no signs of stopping. With no A/C in my truck it makes it miserable to get errands done. Good thing 2 doc appts are on Monday so I will have the car :D But the other ones Im stuck dealing with no AC!!
The boss finally paid me and cant seem to find the story of what day Im really supposed to be paid. So I had to go to the store..using said truck...Which meant getting out of the house as early as possible or fry. Vinyl seats sitting in sun just adds to the wanna bitch fest when my arse is on fire. Have more errands to do but ummm its after noon so means Im not going out that door for NOTHING!
Add on trying to figure out what instrument Mr B will be playing for school that I have to buy with more than a day notice(guess some people think we all have money flowing out the butt) And the school supply list that we cant buy till 2 days before school starts because Mr Bs list all depends on what hour classes are.. and well.. schedule is not handed out till 2 days before. sheesh.. Im not sure Im gonna like this jr high stuff lol.

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