Thursday, June 30, 2011

Science Museum and more!!

Had a blast at the Science museum. Kids enjoy that place no matter how many times we go. J and lil man loved it. They got to see the live show with explosions. And who doesnt like to see crap blown up? Even Mr B who was being grumpy about seeing it yet again was laughing and loving it within minutes. We spent quite awhile up there then went to eat because we were STARVING!! One day I will learn to eat in the morning(papa bear will too) After that we took J and lil man for their first trip to a tv station. Lil Man LOOOOVVVEEEDD the copper.(helicopter for those who arent thinking in 2 year old words :D lol) Got to watch it land then climb in it. Since my 2 boys have seen this all tons and its just another day at papa bears job, focus was mainly on J and lil man. Sorry no pics of all this :) J and lil man wanna post they can on their stuff :P
Then yesterday they came over again and played in the pool. Played for quite awhile. The only thing that sucks is how much I miss Papa Bear during the days. Hes working so much he misses out on all the pool fun etc.
To add to the fun stuff of the week. Lil Bear and Mr B had to go to the doc yesterday. This was originally ust to get Mr B his allergy meds and Lil Bear his asthma meds. Ended up.. Mr B is going to be tested on his allergies since its gone on so long. (we are at 10 years of meds)  And then after all said and done...injections. I will be learning to give him allergy injections at home to make him immune to all this. Hes not to happy bout that part but he said if it makes the sneezing, headaches, nose bleeds etc go away..He will deal. Lil Bear will be tested once again in the fall area when his asthma doesnt bother him as much. Since we have to take them off all meds for a week before the testing. My B said he can handle his issues that long but lil bear needs to breathe lol. So we will just hold out till the weather is at a point that it wont interfere with his ability to take a good breath.
our month of July already looks like its gonna be a busy one. 3 diff doc appts plus all the other stuff we have planned to do on top of jobs that are draining the life outta us hahaha.
Well my bears are getting out of bed so till next time.......

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