Friday, June 24, 2011

In the fast lane.

This is only 2 things that has happened in the last few months :) Downloading more pictures as I type.

Lets see the babies are my newest niece and nephew. They are bigger than that now(yup Im running behind!!)
Lil Bear had another mini meet. He loves those tropheys.
I was working for so many hours a day that I was never home. Everyone knows Im not a religious person in any way, but I can say the 2 months I got to spend with a amazing woman before she passed...I was definitely blessed. I spent the major part of my day with her. A lot of time at the hospital. This was a woman who loved to give love. Smiled even though she was miserable. I hope one day Im that strong.
Im still working at night also. Papa Bears work has been changed to 12 hour days. which drives me NUTS! I get pissed not getting to see him as often as I used to. Plus it screwed up my work hours making them a lot later.
We are still trying to do alot in the little amount of time we have. We have had the fetish ball we went to in May we took a close friend..well thats is a story for another time. 2 weeks after that he was gone from our lives. His choice. I dealt with it and well. Im ok :) lol
We have been going to the amusement parks as much as we can. Its so frikkin hot here. Staying in the 100s and makes us not want to get out of the A/C. Except in the pool lol.

Oh yeah spend lots of time in there.
We have also begun to meet new people. Which is really hard for us lol. We dont get out much. And hes quiet and Im shy at first... (only at first after that Im as blunt as they come) But we have made a really nice new friend. Has a wonderful lil boy. My bears love this kid. They like being responsible for the little ones. Lil Bear told me yesterday while we were in the pool with them...that he wanted a little brother right now. HAHAHAHA hes been harping on that subject for awhile. I told him to treat this lil guy like a brother. He seemed ok with that. Especially after I told him that if I had a baby he would have to wait 2 whole years before he was the same size as the lil guy we had here lol. Lil bear is patient of somethings.. he groans at the thought of waiting 2 years for someone to play with HAHA(then I tacked on the 9 month prego part... Hes like screw it.
Ok I think thats a good portion of life as we know it. OH WAIT! I forgot we have been exercising almost daily. Mr B is getting close to joining CAP. So we are getting a head start on him getting in shape. Plus I realized I gained weight over the winter....And its gotta go lol. So we have been walking and running. Doesnt make the pounds melt off. But its a step in the direction we need to go. :D And Mr B has been put on a schedule with push ups and sit ups.. Im adding something called the dirty dozen to myself. If that doesnt burn the tummy away...I dont know what will HAHAHAHA

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