Sunday, March 27, 2011

Now what..

Ya know I really had hoped to get back into my blogging. But where have I been??? Ummm apparently I was lost somewhere between here and there... Ok well here lately I have been doing some overnight work so to darn sleepy to think of what my name is more or less type a full sentence. Plus dealing with the boys being back in public school has been a stress for me. Hope it all starts to settle soon. I think my nerves have been frayed for far to long. After next week my days go back to normal and just have to get the body to follow suit. Have parties to attend for lil bear who insist mommy MUST be there and trying to get Mr B to be a lil more responsible for himself. He seems to be trying to a extent.. Afraid of Jr High next year when the small amount of teacher pampering is gone and he becomes lost and stressed. But Im sure he will deal with it. I think we have all had that right of passage.
Lil Bear is much better now that he has healed from his ordeal. And hes back to his insane self. Papa Bear.. well lets just say hes working a lot and dealing with his own stress. I think we are all feeling the pinch and its led to a lot of frustrations. But what dont kill ya makes ya stronger...right???

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