Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Back to the grind

We are back on our full schedule with school now.  Seems like this summer blew by. Im trying to get pictures off this phone for my next blog post(which would have been a days ago blog post but my phone hates this computer so I have to do this in a roundabout way)
The heat right now is horrible.over 100. AND MISERABLE! Not that it doesnt do this to us every year and we are surprised or anything...But hate it.  Glad we finished that roof finally too. Ahhh a week of it being over. I thought it was NEVER going to end. But after lots of sweat, some injuries.. Working till you couldnt see through the sweat (which happens quickly when the humidity is as stifling as it was.) But YAY after all these months. WE HAVE THE ROOF DONE!!(Guess Im still dancing over this)
Working on getting rid of stuff again.  Since the roof is finally complete, we have our garage back(no more shingles piled everywhere etc) And now you can see the stuff that I had thrown in bags to sort through or something. lol. And its a mess. Need to get through these books and clothes. Kids toys..sigh....Now I need to go find that bundle of energy I store, so I can get to work on it all. HAHA
HOPE to post again later with pictures of the fun we had for Mr Bs bday(yes that post is a week overdue..)
My baby is now 11. But yup thats the next post. :-)

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