Sunday, October 10, 2010

I know I know I know

Kick me now! I was soooo far lost from this blog I was not even sure I would find it again! Wow. Been a crazy couple months. SO guess I should give a update???? Ok..Why not...?
The boys have been doing pretty good with school. Lil Bear is still my arguing one for certain things. But overall they get stuff done and without tooo much fuss. We have been doing more projects and fun stuff that keeps us going. We made crystals which took way longer than the box said. History is quickly becoming a favorite subject. We are studying Egypt right now. Lil Bear is in gymnastics(no pics yet on that one....) Mr B will be joining CAP soon as he is old enough.  In the past week, we have been to the The Oklahoma History Museum, The Zoo, and The local theme park. Speaking of that theme park, I have YET to get those pics off my phone to add to this blog from...Cripes....JULY!!!!(Huge apologies to my loyals who are prolly not so loyal anymore) Seems like sitting down long enough to type has been difficult.
I am finally getting my house back in order. Getting rid of things no longer necessary. Going back to making most items from scratch. Guess I have been very lazy in that department...Yup I will get back to it I PROMISE! (ok dont believe me.. I do understand... I think I promised to be back with pics the last August..sigh)
But here are some pics...
This is Pixie. Our newest addition. (yes she keeps us insanely busy) She is a pup. Only 14 weeks old now. We got her when she was only 9 weeks. She is ok to have with Brandi since Pixie wont outweigh her or get taller than her. We get to worry still because sometimes they play like 2 psychos bent on biting the others nose off.. We never thought we would get another pup. But saw this one and just had to have her.
Our Zoo trip was a blast. THis is my bears trying to get Lorikeets(sp??) on their arms. Earlier that day they were holding them. But I was so caught up in the awww moment I forgot to take a picture so this was our attempt to fix that..needless to say the birds were not in the mood to be handled at that moment so no pic of them actually holding the pretty birds.

Lil Bear was avoiding having his picture petting the animals. Edmund the goat just waited. He didnt care. Lil Bear happened to move every time I pushed the button.

THey had this fun thing to climb through. Under all this is cave like things that have bugs in them. Holes in the wall with glass you can see through into a exhibit with bugs. gag. But hey let them learn as long as I DO NOT have to stand next to a 8 legged creature!! THe one thing that can make me run like a squealing girl. Im normally not a screamer.. But those things...Yeah... ugggg
Our large Sea Lion was giving the others the "what for" barking up a storm. We stood watching them swim and listened to him bark for a really long time. 
We missed most of the zoo. Because we had to  go on the great hat hunt. Lil Bear left his hat somewhere and we had to retrace o hours of steps to find it. And we actually did find it. Sitting where we had eaten 3 hours before.  By the time we found it..Us adults were worn out. Tired of walking.
We go home only to the next day go to Frontier City. Spending 4 hours walking, waiting in lines and being spun in circles and upside down...My legs are jelly. I dont think I can move today if I wanted to(hmmm maybe thats how to make me blog.)
Anyways Im gonna fight the other laptop today and see if the software will download again and MAYBE just MAYBE I might get those pics from our Mr Bs bday trip to Frontier City. sigh...I hate computers somedays!

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