Monday, July 12, 2010

Beautiful..Just beautiful

This weekend we decided to take a lil bit of a trip. Kidnap the MIL and take her to Meers..(for those who dont know..its a hole in the wall with the best burgers EVER!)

After we left Meers.. We paid a visit to the Wichita Mountains. And drove up Mt. Scott

The sight from up there...Wow

The kids liked to climb on the HUGE rocks(yup even my better half big kid)

Respect for the MIL will keep her pictures out of the blog(she was not happy about me snapping them anyways haha)
On the way home we looked in the clouds. and saw a RAINBOW! heehee

Heres one last picture.. My boys posing for me :D

Like I said..Beautiful.


susieloulou said...

You are doing so much fun stuff. I just read a blog entry about Wal-mart that reminded me of you!

Mama Bear said...

HAHAHAHAAH Seems like everyone thinks about me when they see or hear about Walmart. I hate that place lol

WendyDarling said...

We went to Meers a few years ago. You're right, the longhorn burgers were AWESOME. And so big! Mom and I had to share one. I LOVED the view from the top of Mt. Scott.

Did y'all go to the Holy City of the Wichitas? I was wonderful! :-)

Mama Bear said...

We didnt go to the Holy City. We are planning on it the next time we go down there. It was so muggy while we were out this time, that we didnt want to go anywhere else lol.