Sunday, March 07, 2010

To the zoo we went...

One thing I love about when it gets warm is the zoo.. I LOVE that place. Its a constant changing thing here. Construction going on right now to redo and add exhibits. But I just LOVE the animals. Saturday was a decent temperature. A lil windy so we got the shivers a couple times :D But we walked all over, rode the tram, ate our lunch(brought from home of course!) A relaxing fun family time. That was probably one of the best times we have had at the zoo, THe boys have gotten older. You can tell each time we do something like this. Theres not as much complaining about walking. AND they carried their own backpacks holding the lunches and waters. And not once complained about it. Sigh.. We plan on doing so much more with them this year. Time is flying past us. Im no longer mommy. Im now mom.(unless lil bear really wants something) It took all of yesterdays walking around..... Not the chasing of toddlers, the omg please sit on the trams, NOOOO YOU CANNOT stick your hand through the fence. to realize I didnt say any of those this time. They walked and read the info on the animals. They sat on the tram. They walked by our sides....And not once did either try to stick their hands through a fence. And guess what..... I MISS IT ALREADY!!!!!!!! lol
Anyways.. back to our animals while I try to ignore my babies are no longer babies....Our elephants are in another zoo trying to get pregnant(so far one of the females is! And so when we got home we had to research how long a baby elephant gestates... (22 months actually) We have a new baby giraffe. Shes only a month and a half old and 6 feet tall. A CUTIE! The childrens zoo here is getting ready to open. Looking inside it yesterday I CAN NOT WAIT to see inside! It looks ssooooooooo neat! Lots of hands on is going to happen in there~! I will always recommend getting a zoo pass to your local zoo. Its really not a whole lot of money. And by the time you go a few times. Its paid off. And you can keep going and going and going...We never get bored! Always something that wasnt out one time we went will be out the next. Or they have babies, or things changing. We bring bread and feed the ducks, the sea lions crack me up. (no more dolphins at ours :( ) Lots of education without realizing it.

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