Thursday, March 04, 2010

When life gets busy...Put on the brakes

This week has been filled with non stop action, emotions on a roller coaster. One thing after another. Last week when a fellow homeschool mom lost her son, and her daughter is still in the hospital, it stops your life as well. You begin to realize.. Some things just REALLY are not that important. THis week, has been filled with lots of thoughts, working a ton, trying to get my house back clean again, Laundry piled up until FINALLY new washer and dryer came yesterday(not a moment too soon since lil bear got sick all in his bed Tuesday night) And today...its only Thursday and I am feeling...well a little overwhelmed. We are cleaning the house a little bit this morning, finishing some laundry, not doing school(ok not the paper version of it) and going to the park. Its a nice day after all these cold gray ones. And well..we have been cooped up in this house for MONTHS! and life being sooo busy....I have decided to put on the brakes. Who cares if these dishes are not washed? Who cares that I have dust bunnies all over my floor mating with the dog fur!? Brakes are on and we are heading to the park for some much needed play time and fresh air!

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