Monday, March 08, 2010

730 in 365 update from February

Wow. Can not believe I did not do a February one. But then again February was kinda crazy. Happy housewife is participating in this, and so I decided to follow along.

February list
Paper clutter. And I do mean LOTS of it. We went through the filing cabinet and tossed at least 150 paper items. They have all been shredded and are gone
A desk given away
a twin size mattress(yes we replaced it)
king size bed set(of course we did buy new ones(count as 3 heehee 2 twin box springs and the mattress)
5 broken toys
cleaned under my bed and found stuff that I had long forgotten 3 items gone
tons of pens that no longer worked(we will count as 1)
Old printer ink- 2

Sooo not sure as to add this up since paper clutter was absolutely insane!

Total January 82
February total-16 only counting paper clutter as 1...

IF you would like to join in. Check out Happy housewife and Amys Finer Things


Lost in Translation said...

Now if I could just get to my storage unit in the states I could totally participate. But seeing as I came with just 3 suitcases and have only built minimally while here, I doubt I would be able to find so much that I even needed to toss.

Overall I am pretty good about turn over I trade books and magazines out. I really do not store much. And have had to learn to live with what I need.

I want more junk hah. :P Send me yours!!! hehe

Mama Bear said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA The postage would kill me!