Monday, March 08, 2010

Dentist again.. round 50034 lol

Well Lil Bear went to the dentist again..and again he walked out 1 tooth less. And yes was a molar. So guess what....No more molars left to lose! lolol.(reminding everyone..he is only 7) He has his new fancy spacer in. Looks better than my mind had pictured. The part we THOUGHT was going behind the front teeth..that he also DOES NOT have...actually sits closer to the roof of his mouth. I would take a pic for ya..But how many people really wanna see inside my kids mouth??? And well.. He isn't to hip to opening his mouth for me to get a good picture yet(maybe later for all you curious ones) When going to remove the old one side spacer, they found the tooth under it, well to be only holding on with the cement holding that spacer in. So they numbed him up so the yanking of the spacer and tooth didn't hurt..out came another tooth. He took it in stride, like he usually does. When I went to tell him, that last molar was gonna go, he just said "Ok mom whatever" lol. Thats my goober lil bear. Right now hes building Legos with daddy and Mr B. Trying to get over the numbness. So he can eat something(hes he thinks)

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