Thursday, February 25, 2010

The week is NOT over.....

Waiting and waiting on this week to be done. Feeling very tired. Excited about a couple things.. But they are NEXT week LOL! Tuesday Papa Bear and I will be celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary! Well celebrating is a lil far out there. We don't get to celebrate much. Honestly its more of a choice. Not just lack of funds. I think the happiness in knowing another year of marriage has gone by.. Its the sweetness in itself. And I can say I truly do love him more everyday that goes by. He is my rock. Hes is the glue. He is my shoulder when I need it. He is a wonderful father. Honestly wouldn't know what to do without him. 11 years later...Its still as sweet as ever. Its not to say we don't remember the rough years. Its that we chose to learn from them. They almost beat us a few times. But we won. I love him more than words can say.
We are also due to have our new washer and dryer delivered next week(Wednesday) I cant wait! Mine has served us well for 8 years. Its gone through numerous dirty bedding, clothing, But I am ready to stop fighting this one. For the past few months.. ok might be a lil longer than a few. I have had to tell it to spin. And when your deep in thought or trying to do something else.. Your not paying attention to the washer. Personally paying attention to a washer for every load is annoying when I need to focus other places.
We have been also getting closer and closer to paying off debt. For that I am THRILLED. In the next month.. One more will be gone. Count them.. That makes 5 that are going to be dealt with and gone. I really hope in the next 2 years to be completely debt free except the house. Looking forward to that. Nice that after months of the phone ringing non stop.. Its now almost stopped. (I almost dont even need it now hahahah)

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