Sunday, February 28, 2010

Drunk Drivers-some language. watch out.

Today I am here to vent. The way I feel... I can't even imagine how one of my fellow homeschool moms feel. Friday night a drunk driver plowed into their car. Killing their 5 year old son, and critically injuring their 3 year old daughter. I do not know if she has a blog.I will check into that. It brought back some memories of myself when I was younger. The anger I felt when my aunt died after she was hit by a drunk driver. Everytime I drive down the road and I see someone swerving, it angers me. How people don't give a crap what they are doing to other people. That it takes hurting or possibly killing a innocent person to finally get off their asses and realize what a screw up they are. A link to this poor families story from the news can be found
The things I want to say..Would be censored completely if the words came from my mouth, or fingers.
My heart goes out to this poor family. As soon as I know more. I will be sure to let my faithful readers know. Until then, keep them in your thoughts. The family also has a 9 month old and one on the way. Such a senseless tragedy, that could have been prevented, if people learned to use their brains.


Sephysmomma said...

aww this made me start tearing up. I feel so bad for them. It aggravates me that people that age think its okay to drink and drive. The man was 60 yrs old.. this is one of those situations where you wish you could turn back time that is for sure. Prayers are being said for them.

susieloulou said...

How does one go about donating to the trust fund?

Mama Bear said...

Avery is now home. Still a long road ahead but she is home and now the real healing can begin.