Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love them...Love them....

We all have these kind of days. You know it as well as I do. WHen your a parent, and thats the last thing you feel like being. The day it seemed you should not have gotten out of bed, or even started your day at all. Whats worse is when you read a blog, that makes you cry, because you are that parent you says I NEED some quiet. I want 5 minutes of peace. I need to get this done. OMG KID YOUR MAKIN ME NUTS! And today..even after reading that and crying my eyes out. Choking on the very words...I want some peace. Reading that little girls story(yes click the link up there if you want to cry with me) broke my heart. To know that as of this moment, my kids are healthy(not gonna say they are happy) my kids are thriving. My kids are loud, and annoying at times. Not as helpful as I would like, but helpful none the less. And almost always under my feet. Even at age 10. When they are under my feet, Im like WALL MOVE! (Nothing worse than turning around and your elbow catches a child..Yeah I have done it lol) And if you haven't..Well you don't have kids. When they are in the kitchen and Im moving pretty fast trying to get stuff done, I have told them alright OUT! Instead I should slow down and say thank you for your help. When Im trying to clean up the house, and they want to spread legos from one side of the house to the other, I want to say You guys are playing nicely together.. Instead Im telling them GET THOSE OUT OF HERE! We WILL NOT have one of those in the vacuum again!(ok long story short here, lego left on floor got lodged in the vacuum and I STILL smell plastic whenever I vacuum!) I cry my eyes out to think..This little girl, could be anyones child. Mine, yours.....And the things we take for granted everyday. The loud laughter, the lego creations, (or even getting stuck in the vacuum) the messes on the table, the stepping on a kids toe because they want to be plastered to you...Yes we take even the crap for granted. Today I woke up ok. After having horrible dreams. But got mad because something I asked to be done yesterday was NOT done. School started no problems, until Mr B decided he didnt like english. And Lil Bear lost his number line, so he did not want to do his math. And by 10:15 Im ready to pull my hair out. So I sit here for a minute blogging to remind myself, I COULD BE that parent. A parent who doesnt know. A parent who would give anything to hear all the crap again. The parent who wants just one more day.. Instead I was ready to lose my mind, looking at 2 kids who are healthy, walking, running, doing flips in my living room....And not being thankful for the fact they can. Now that I have reminded myself just how lucky I am.. I am going to cancel the rest of school for the day, and bake something with the boys under my feet.

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