Friday, February 12, 2010

Time for introductions...Mr B

Mr B is my book worm, science happy, airplane making, now guitar playing 10 year old. He has a very independent attitude. Not always a good thing. Extremely smart, mostly compassionate, tries to hard sometimes boy. He has a heart of gold, when he wants to. Has a temper that will send me through the roof. He is getting too big. Hard to believe 10 years ago he was in my belly. Somedays you will see a side of him that is the most loving, wonderful, helpful, adorable big brother. Other days you see the boy who is getting big and needs his space. He reads all the time. LOVES a Harry Potter book. Has a very inventive mind. Loves to create. There are days he likes to butt heads, then days he loves to help with everything your doing. Really laid back, so not many injuries to worry about. Hes just my all around 10 year old. Love that kid.

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