Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lil Bear

Oh..Lil Bear. My second and last born. The picture says it all. My wild, crazy, punk rockin boy. The comedian always. Cant be serious to save his life. boy. If hes not dancing shakin his tush through the house. You just look up and you will find him hanging somewhere. Started doing wheelys on his bike before he was 4. This kid, asthma and all will not be kept down. This is my keep you on your toes kid. Leave him alone for 5 min and there will be blood or something broke, normally teeth or toys or glass.. Luckily no bones yet(knock on wood here...A LOT) Smart as a whip..Ok more smart alec..very quick wit. Hes a mini of his dad. 7 years old, and going strong. He beats to his own drum..Ok he beats the drum himself. All on his own time. Very imaginative. Legos and video games make him happy. We call him our cuddle bear. He has always been the one to be in your lap. Hes very shy in crowds. But we can see him on TV someday. He is..Lil Bear, the boy who will crack you up in 2 seconds flat. Or give you a heart attack

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