Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bulk Cooking

So far-
Taco Meat- 4 meals worth DONE
Meatloaf-2 meatloaves mixed and shaped and DONE
Hamburger patties- mixed shaped- DONE
Pizza Dough-Dough made- in oven then will be topped and put in freezer after cooled(DONE!!!)
Cinnamon Rolls-DONE
Bagels-NOT Done
Cookie dough-DONE
Biscuits-NOT done
Yeast Rolls DONE

As you can see by clicking on the links. NONE of these recipes are my own. (well I mix my meatloaf without directions lol.) But have to give credit. I have made these each a few times at least, and never had a issue. All have turned out perfect for me(well I do NOT recommend cutting the biscuits too thin...They will come out as hockey pucks..Dont ask me how I know that one.. NOT a funny story(blech))
Moving along today. Will finish more when Im back from getting my hair done :-D


Sephysmomma said...

All of it done just in time for that new snow storm that is about to hit us tonight.. yuck yuck.. :) I don't know if I could do the bulk cooking thing but you have always been able to do that. Your a Super Mom!! I wish I had your energy.

Mama Bear said...

Now Cherees! YOU KNOW you rock! I have seen you in action and have had your cooking. YOU CAN DO IT!!