Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ring around the rosie....Dentists again...

Only 2 days into a week and man.. and it feels like a week or two. I have been busy de-cluttering for the new year. Cleaning up, to make way for more peace. The less clutter, less stress. After rummaging through the kitchen(what you didn't know thats the Flylady zone this week??? hmmm) I was finding things in drawers.. that I have had for 10 years.. that probably haven't been used in about 5.. Dare I say how long I have followed Flylady ? Anyways, silverware that belonged to a set years ago. That's been in a drawer unused for at least 2 years...that I know of. I rearranged glass plates. So that we eat off the nice plates more often. Why not? Isn't every night a gourmet night? I felt so much better after getting all of the cabinets gone through. I love it when its all clean and neat.
Dentists... Just as soon as I thought lil bear was going to catch a break. We went back in yesterday. I swear that somedays I want to cry for him. He had been complaining of some pain. So I waited. Well he didnt stop complaining. So I finally called and got him in...I will backtrack for those who dont know(or don't want to find that original post that even I am to lazy to find at this point)
Nov 2008 Lil bear went into surgery, to remove his 2 top front teeth which has been damaged a few years earlier. They finally gave up and died. On top of that he has 6 drilled and filled and 6 capped due to a overload of antibiotics due to his lungs.
One year later in November 2009(it was actually 2 days past his surgery day lol) he went in and had to have a molar removed and a spacer put in on his right side. And fast forward to yesterday.. 30 minutes after he goes back.. they come out to let me know.. the left side was doing the same thing..and they were going to have to pull the molar right in front of the adult one(just like the right side) but to add to that. The tooth in front of that one..was infected somehow. And it had to come out too.. sigh... After all this is said and done, he must go back and be fitted for a spacer made for his mouth since he has a extra large opening now that 2 were removed. He is not happy. Hes tired of trying to eat. Fruit smoothies went over well this morning, as with oatmeal. Last night was ramen. And we found he can get a soft bean burrito down...very slowly.
On the if then chart.. this has been VERY slow going. Being very consistent. But its very tiring. I think Im being tested. Granted the testing only last a couple minutes.. but it FEELS like hours! But having the consequences for the main offenses that drive us nuts. Its GREAT! I highly recommend it! Even if it is tiring......

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