Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Year....

All day yesterday, I thought.. I thought of the new year to come in a matter of hours, and how to make my family a much stronger, happier house. Changing of the rules are happening, menu is going back on the board. Schedule is being tweaked. MORE Family time being added. Hopefully more activities to come. Looking into quite a few different things, trying to choose the best. Soon we will be picking next years curriculum. Any ideas??
At this moment, I am making our very own If-Then chart.Since, well, I have to always tweak things for us. So that they can see plain out what the consequence is for any given behavior. We really only have a couple behavior problems. And honestly, they are pretty typical. Especially for boys. But I do expect better than typical. Have fun, but obey. :-)
Now that holidays are over, and the house is getting back in order. We just might be able to achieve all we are setting out to do. In no particular order this year we hope to--Have most of our credit cards paid off, get a new washer and dryer, Schedule lots more family time(we bought games for Christmas) Enroll the boys in extra activities. Do a lot more with the homeschool group(vehicle permitting haha)
I do think we can achieve most of this. If not all. The washer and dryer was NOT in our original plan... Its kinda...a have too. Would be closer to our debt payoff otherwise... But guess you do what ya gotta do right?
Now, its New Years Day. I am determined this will be a great year. A year for growth and changes. And closer to being free from debt(well other than the house and car) Crossing fingers that 2010 is a great year for all of us and you.

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I love what you've done to the blog... great design!