Monday, December 28, 2009

let the changes begin

Ahhh.. Back to homeschooling this week. And some changes happening little by little. The kids are doing well, despite the past few very frustrating weeks where they have decided to test all the patience I have. Trying to make things more fun, and learn even more stuff in the process. Since pulling them from public school, we have had many things happen, to make us certain we made the right choice. I mean come on, we all have our doubts on occasion. But when something spills from the mouth of a 10 year old, that makes you wonder WHAT IN THE WORLD DID THEY TEACH YOU IN THAT BUILDING????? You kinda KNOW you did the right thing. And we have had a few of those. In a couple months we will actually be buying stuff to gear up for the next year. :D I can't wait! Looking into more options. And more fun stuff. The kids have a microscope and they are ready to look at their own cells! We are gonna have so much fun in the next months! Ahhh changes. Sometimes making changes is for the best!

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