Thursday, September 24, 2009

Science came to us....

Today while the boys were going outside, they noticed something. Next thing I hear..MOM MOM MOM LOOK! COME LOOK!!! WE FOUND A CHRYSALIS!!!!!!(They LOVE that word) Normally I don't like to disturb these things. But, in all honesty. I want to watch the miracle! I love butterflies. They are the prettiest things in the world. And to have the chance to watch it grow and change and emerge. Wow. So we took him off the gate, and made him a crude home LOL. Yes very crude. Wish I had one of those habitats. I will most def have to get one soon. Did a little online research, and found it to be, a Monarch chrysalis. I am giddy with excitement.. So here we are DAY 1(for us) and I do not believe it was there yesterday.. But not often I look at the bottom of the gate. The picture is a little blurry. We will be documenting the growth and changes. Mr B actually got so happy, even he said he can use it as a science experiment and chart its changes and growth. :) He is my little Science nerd(and yes thats said in the most loving of terms) He makes others excited about science. Anything related to it, he loves.
Speaking of Chrysalis's, just the word being said makes me remember how the boys LOVED to wrap up in their chrysalis(blankets) and emerge to be butterflies. I hope they stay this excited forever!

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