Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 2...

Such a cool day! After a rough start to our morning, we had a couple homeschool moms who were kind enough to offer a ride to us to go to do Monarch tagging. We went to the park, and it was really neat! The kids(and us adults who had no idea) were entranced with the little facts about a Monarch Butterfly that I would have never known otherwise. We now know how to even tell if they are boys or girls! We made a butterfly net(I will have to take a pic of that later) and we have some tags to tag any Monarchs we find. And now we know which is a Monarch and which is a FAKE Monarch!
Ok onto day 2 of our chrysalis..which could be WAY past day 2. Our Chrysalis surprised us this morning with a black streak(see picture) So it looks as if we will actually have our butterfly in the next few days. And we will tag him and release him.(or her hehe) And next year. I will be planting a milkweed! I am determined to attract many more!

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